Unlocked Content

As the progress on our newest commercial visual novel Locus Magici reaches certain milestones, special content will be unlocked. This content will be added here.

Writing (1/1)
For the writing achievement, we're giving you something from the script. Below is the very first scene of Locus Magici. It might get some final edits, but this will give you the main idea.
It was already late in the evening when ASI17 was awaiting his turn at the auction; a quarterly event for the Academy.
Hidden and peeking through a part of the curtains at the side of the stage, he listened nervously to the crowd’s whispering. The snide remarks and snickering. The auctioneer’s voice booming. It all told him that the current item wasn't doing well.

Would none of the nobility place a bid for this promising young one? On the stage was a teenager slightly older than ASI17 himself, perhaps around the age of fourteen. None of them could say for certain. However, no matter what praise the auctioneer bestowed on his friend, it remained silent.

The auctioneer shook his head. He gave up and sent the item away with a dismissive gesture of the hand, as if rejecting an unfavourable offer.

On cue, a brutish man dragged the failed item off-stage. With tears in his eyes, the teenager struggled and pleaded the best he could with his captor, but he was ignored and led away.

ASI17 met his friend's eyes one last time in goodbye, before he disappeared behind a shutting door.

A sudden shove in the back sent ASI17 stumbling forward, interrupting his thoughts and the tightening in his chest. Another giant of a man with firm muscles and a stern expression stood behind him, urging him towards the stage.

Imposing man
"You're up. If you have any common sense left in that head of yours, you won't screw this up as well."

The boy glared, fighting his reluctance to comply. He braced himself and walked onto the stage, trying to appear as confident and relaxed as possible. This was it; he was the auction's final item.

Art (1/3)
Sprites done! Here's one complete spriteset (excluding all remaining expressions and outfits):

Music (1/1)

It's our saddest song, for the delicious drama-- unfortunate events in the story :)! Oh, what perils await you? *mysterious smile*

Coding (0/1)

Opening Movie (0/2)

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