Sunday, August 18, 2013

Achievement unlocked: sprites!


It is complete!

We got there! Finally, the sprites are all done! Even though it felt as if some omnipotent force tried to do everything it could to prevent that.

So now that we're done, it's time to brag :D! And the best way to do it is by showing how much I made myself suffer over the past months (images blurred to prevent spoilers): 

Individual sprites (unique poses or outfits)
Sprite variations (expressions, added items, etc)

And for the unlocked achievement, I'll show you one of the completed spritesets (not including all expressions or outfits of course) - Sirus:

This is a rather stoic important guy in the story. I picked him because he had a lot of revisions, even when you compare him to the preview in our Lemmasoft wip topic or the even more prehistoric version on our website. ...We should really update those places soon.

And that's all for now, onto the next step; backgrounds!