Friday, February 22, 2013

Music achievement and some updates~

We are now halfway through the required music for Locus Magici, and so I present you a new unlocked achievement:

It's our saddest song, for the delicious drama-- unfortunate events in the story :)! Oh, what perils await you? *mysterious smile*

Other than that, me and Kiki have been doing what we were doing before; drawing sprites and scripting more. It's a lot of work, but we're making good progress.

And finally, NaNoRenO is coming up very, very soon! Keep an eye on this blog, because next month we'll tell you what plans we have thus far. For now... let's just say we are googling for old China references and this is the concept for the main character:



  1. Touching music, fitting for a VN. Will there be amazing singing in this one again? :)

    - Roderick

    1. Embarrassing myself once was enough of a shocking experience for me, so no haha~