Thursday, February 16, 2012

The second day

~Dawn of the second day - 48 hours remain~

N-No! Stay away!
Waaaaaaaaaaaaah ;_; - oh, um, hi!

Today was strange. I woke up early (7 AM) while my alarm was set at nine, and couldn't get back to sleep - so I wrote. Sadly, I had to meet with some people at university, which means that for a 15 minute chat I travelled three hours... -_-;.

On the bright side, I sketched two character concepts in the bus and train, so now I just have three more of those to go. I'm pretty satisfied with the ones I drew today, even though they oppose the main character in one way or another. I also fleshed out their story/motives while drawing them (I just can't stop thinking when I'm drawing).

I'll work extra hard this rest of this evening and night to make up for it!

Today's results
4000 words written.
2.5 chapters, 2 interludes and the epilogue to go.




  1. You should totally get an awesome reward after you finish the script :D

    1. The reward is not have a huge, terrifying face crashing into you. There you go.

      - Roderick