Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Firefly for Android - out now!

Since Firefly second edition has been released for the PC, it's now Android's turn! This version will be half the price too, since it doesn't include a high resolution mode.

As you can see, the application can be used in both landscape and portrait orientation, with the graphics scaling along accordingly. The visual novel should work on any Android 2.1+ device.

Please click on the picture below to get it now:

We hope you'll enjoy it and we'll do our best to bring more visual novels to Android in the future.

Last Firefly post ever!



  1. Congrats on the release! :D

  2. Have you thought about or tried putting the game on any PC game portals? Like Desura?

    1. Oh, that looks pretty cool! I wonder if they're open to visual novels, though?

      Either way, thank you for pointing it out. Once K-chan returns from her vacation, I'll ask her opinion about it ^^.

    2. Might be worth a try at least ^_^ They skim a hefty amount off the top I hear, but it could mean more sales that otherwise wouldn't have been.

      You could also try doing the affiliate game thing with sites like HanakoGames or WinterWolves.

    3. And yet another idea o_O I see that Hanako even got her latest game in the Ubuntu Repository. Meaning that everyone with Ubuntu Linux sees the game in their software center. If that is free to do, it sure wouldn't hurt XD

    4. Haha, you're turning into our marketing advisor!

      Thank you very much for thinking along, K-chan returned so I'll definitely talk this over with her ^^.